Premarital Sex Morality

Premarital Sex Morality

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Editor’s Note: Science-Metrix a Montreal-based company reports that Iran is showing fastest worldwide growth in science. For example, Iran is at the forefront of stem

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Premarital Sex – Is it morally right or wrong? How do I know for sure? What should I take into consideration when making this decision?

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A single religion, or: A single point of view on “hot” religious topics, or: A single point of view on controversial social problems.

Free Bible answers to questions of morals, ethics, and ethical issues: sexual morality, abortion, gambling, drug , homosexuality, pornography, lying, stealing

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Fornication (from the latin fornicatus/fornicata/fornicatum/fornix meaning arch, vault, and referring to prostitution, see below) is generally consensual sexual

Staggering, little-known, Bible facts about premarital sex revealed by a conservative Christian. Sex between engaged Christians. Breaking with tradition, while

While premarital sex is considered sinful by the rabbinic community, the rabbis also recognize the human desire for sexual interaction.

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We live in times in which many call good or “no big deal” what God calls sinful. This is especially true in the area of sexuality, where whole sectors of our

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Sorry, Millennials, but despite your hookup apps, your parents were probably having more sex than you’re having. Millennials are much more tolerant of premarital sex

Red Sex, Blue Sex Why do so many evangelical teen-agers become pregnant?

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